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Audience of One

Have you ever looked back at something you experienced and realized you could have avoided the experience altogether? I’m not talking about the bad choices, stupid mistakes, “what what I thinking” kind of stuff. I’m talking about having the foresight to avoid the hard learned lesson Don’t get me wrong, I get that hindsight is,…

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Bravery or Fear?

I want to be brave. I want to fearlessly walk down unknown roads, and launch into deep waters. I want the kind of trust that goes even when I don’t know where I’m being led. The truth though, is my brave talk is not always matched by my faith, and that’s frustrating. What I want…

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Breaking the Power of Silence

Silence is powerful. It commands our attention, and can be more deafening than crashing cymbals or blaring horns. It also changes us, causes physical harm and can actually destroy us! ( Psalm 32) This is especially true when we keep silent about sexual abuse. Not speaking out in the wake of sexual abuse gives power…

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