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Author, speaker, and mentor using life experiences to help women identify and pursue their God-given purpose and identity.

Words Are Life

No doubt, words are important to me – I’m a writer. Looking back, I’ve always been a “word” person. I love the way words can convey thoughts and feelings, and I am captivated by the power of spoken and written language. Think about it. Words have the power to inspire hope, courage, discipline, rage, kindness,…

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She’s Gone

She’s gone. Nothing prepares you for those words. It doesn’t matter how they are said, or who says them. Once delivered, they change life forever. There is nothing more painful or devastating than losing someone you love. Nothing could have prepared me for the loss of my beloved sister, Donna. She is gone, and now…

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Not Brave Enough

Its recently become very clear that am not brave. In fact, I am quite the opposite. It’s funny because people tell me all the time how courageous I am. When I retired to pursue what I believe God’s call is on my life I heard words like fearless, strong, daring, and brave. My friends seem…

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Following the Cloud

Well… now I’ve done it. In a step of faith, I set a date to leave my day job to embark for a journey I can’t fully map out. The decision wasn’t an easy one. For months I struggled with reconciling what I thought of as “common sense” with the faith journey the Lord was…

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Undeserved Mercy

Someone I thought was a good friend recently hurt me, and it knocked the wind out of me. Look, I get that in the span of every friendship there are bound to be moments of disagreement or offence. And, I’m well acquainted with the fact that all humans are at the core messy and capable…

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In the Deep

The unknown can be frightening. I wish someone would just tell me what to do. Can you relate? I’m not talking about trying to figure out what outfit to wear, or where to go to dinner – although sometimes I wish someone would figure that out for me too. What I’m talking about is not-life-or-death. But,…

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When Tempers Flair

Why can’t we just be nice to each other? I wish I had a quarter for every time I’ve thought those words over the last few weeks. Every corner of my life seems to put me face to face with individuals acting badly towards each other. I don’t like being witness to it at all.…

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