While We Wait

It can be a powerful thing when you hear God’s call. For me, it was exciting and frightening. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, or where God would take me. However, what I did know is I clearly heard His direction, and I was ready to move forward to whatever He had for me. So, I took off running.
But what happens when we’re ready to move forward, but God’s response is to pause? What if the direction you get is to stop with no hint as to what’s next or how long you’ll have to be there. (PSALM 27:14)
In my personal life, I am known as somone who “gets things done.” As a project manager, I am supposed to identify the end goal, and map out the steps to get there, so doing nothing makes no sense to me, and as a doer, it’s frustrating.
Waiting is not easy, and how we do it says a lot about us. The truth is, it’s not something I like doing. No one is going to pat you on the back and say “Great job sitting.” It’s not exciting or fulfilling to wait. And, waiting doesn’t get you anywhere… or does it?
Waiting simply doesn’t feel good! However, I learned a long time ago not to base my walk on my feelings (Matthew 2:10). As the weeks go by, I am begining to see beauty in what God is doing. Becoming quiet changes us.
By waiting, we are forced to be, rather than do. Without the chaos of constant movement, we begin to center on Him alone. We start to rely on God for acknowledgement, not on our accomplishments.
When we stop running things get quiet. It’s in the quietness we can best hear God’s still, small voice. (1 Kings 19:11 – 13). There in the solitude we are refreshed and strengthened. We become intimate with God and more dependent on Him to fill us.
I don’t know how long I’ll be in this place of waiting. And, I cannot say I understand fully what God is doing. What I do know is that He is changing me, and whatever the process, His plans for me are always good. (Jeremiah 29:11)


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